COVID-19 Disaster Payment – Receiving Centrelink Payments

COVID-19 Disaster Payment – Receiving Centrelink Payments

If you lost work or income during the COVID-19 restrictions in South East Queensland from July 2021 or Cains and Yarrabah from August 2021, you may be eligible for the COVID-19 Disaster Payment. 

If you visited any of these LGAs during the relevant periods and were then subject to a restricted movement order as a result, you may also be eligible. 

Eligibility Requirements 

You are eligible for the COVID-19 Disaster Payment if you were affected for 1 or more days, and you lost a minimum 8 hours work.  

If you’re a sole trader, you should check to see if you’re eligible for your state or territory’s COVID-19 business support payment first. 

You can only receive the COVID-19 Disaster Payment or a state or territory business support payment per relevant period, not both. You need to decide which payment is best for you. 

To receive the payment, you must have lost a minimum 8 hours work and meet all eligibility rules that apply, including. 

  • you get an income support payment or ABSTUDY Living Allowance 
  • you’re 17 years or older 
  • you’re not getting the Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment, Dad and Partner Pay, Parental Leave Pay, a state pandemic payment or a state small business payment for the same period 
  • you lived in, or worked from or visited a Commonwealth-declared COVID-19 hotspot that is subject to a state restricted movement order 
  • you were unable to work and earn your usual income of 8 hours or more or a full day’s work because you were in the COVID-19 hotspot and are subject to restricted movement 
  • you don’t have any pandemic-related paid leave entitlements 
  • you reported employment income to us at least once on or after 7 June 2021 or had declared ongoing employment income on or after 7 June 2021 – if you’re blind and getting Age Pension or Disability Support Pension this rule does not apply 
  • you’re not getting your usual income and your employer is not getting Retaining Domestic Airline Capability payments on your behalf. 

Where you chose to take annual leave during the lockdown period, you will be ineligible for this payment as you would not have lost income. 

Payment Amount 

Where you meet all eligibility requirements, you will receive $200 each week If you get an eligible income support payment. You will receive this amount in addition to your regular payment. 

The COVID-19 Disaster Payment is tax free income. You don’t need to include it in your tax return. 

Claiming the Payment: 

In order to claim the payment, you will need to apply through Centrelink through your MyGov Account. 

If you are unsure of your eligibility and would discuss your situation in more detail, please don’t hesitate in contacting us on 07 3209 4088.